New Sativa Special Care Products - Clay Masks- have appeared on the market! They are available in Brand Stores and by Retailers.

Exfoliating Clay Mask No 111 Pore Cleansing

Apple Extract, Rice Microspheres & Red Clay

An exfoliating clay mask is specially formulated for deep cleansing of the skin.

The rice starch microspheres and red clay particles, due to their exceptional adsorbing properties, gently unclog the pores and draw out the impurities from the deep without irritating and stimulating sebum production. The tiniest pieces of apple and green tea leaf have revitalizing effects of exfoliation and massage, reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands and narrowing the pores. The rich mineral composition of French fossil red clay works to nourish the skin with vital elements (magnesium, calcium, silver, manganese, zinc ions, etc.). Extracts of thyme and rosemary have a calming and anti-comedogenic effect. The mask is recommended as a preparatory step before cosmetic facial treatment.


Exfoliating Clay Mask with Fruit Acides No113

Hibiscus Powder, Apple & Rosemary Extracts
An exfoliating clay mask with fruit acids gently removes dead skin particles from the top layer of the skin, boosts the process of skin self-cleansing and renewal. The variety of fruit acids mixed with phytosterols and tannins from hibiscus flowers and apple extract have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, leaving the skin glowing. The mask, rich in natural vitamin C derived from hibiscus and apple flowers, works in synergy with flavonoids of green tea and rosemary, enhances collagen synthesis and provides high antioxidant skin protection, while rejuvenating the complexion.


Prebiotic Clay Mask No115

Green Clay, Inulin & Gluconolactone

Clay mask with prebiotics joins the cleansing properties of green clay with the moisturizing effect of betaine and hyaluronic acid and the nutritional properties of the prebiotic complex of yogurt and inulin with the anti-acne activity of gluconolactone. Green clay is unique in its ability to neutralize xenobiotics and toxins in the skin, to nourish the skin with vital minerals and to normalize the sebum production. Inulin and yogurt powder maintain the balance of skin microbiota and eliminate the negative effects of the preservatives in cosmetics. The medicinal herbs extracts have a cleansing, calming and regenerating effect, helping to reverse the signs of aging.

Relaxing Clay Mask No 119

Stevia Extract & Hibiscus Powder

Due to stevioside, a vegetable carbohydrate, the anti-stress clay mask with stevia is a relaxing treat, reducing the chronic tension of facial muscles, which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. The white clay in the mask is an effective sorbent, a soft exfoliant and a source of minerals for the skin. The mild anti-aging effect of the mask is enhanced by the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, phytosterols from the flowers of Sudanese roses (hibiscus) and polyphenols from melilot and green tea. The mask contains hyaluronic acid and betaine, natural moisturizers, that converge a persistent anti-aging effect on the complexion.

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