Skin microbiome is an important component of our immune system and we do everything to make our little specifies feel comfortable. To achieve this goal, we have created a conservative-free cosmetics – cosmetics without hard bactericidal preservation that kills beneficial microorganisms along with harmful ones. These all serve a purpose and are important for proper balance. Like the gut, when the balance is altered, it can create problems. To support the skin's natural microbiome we use the bacteriostatic properties of plant extracts that create "uncomfortable" conditions for pathogenic microflora and do not interfere with our skin symbiotes.

Such cosmetics can be created if the following three conditions are satisfied:

Know which extracts act bacteriostatic and have ability to add them to cosmetics with conserving their properties.

Use vacuum Air-less containers for creams, to minimize contact of cosmetics with hands and air.

Ensure aseptic cosmetics by means of completely aseptic manufacturing processes.

To achieve this goal a unique equipment was developed specially according to our drawings.

This unique production equipment that was developed to our specifications allows almost full automation of the manufacturing process and achievement of maximum sterility of cosmetics, equipment and premises. Even surgical operations can be performed in our manufactory department. It is not a joke, but a matter of our special pride.

This equipment helps us make the most complex lamellar emulsions that penetrate deep into the skin and carry the active ingredients inside. Because of this structure our cosmetics are physiological and very effective. If you're interested, you can read about these emulsions here. We are very proud of our own research laboratory that operates under the leadership and oversight of our lead developer and author of all recipes - Svetlana Mikhailuk. Here she hones and perfects new products, constantly testing new technological processes, critically exploring the novelties of the cosmetic industry.

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