Our Certifications

COSMOS / BDIH (download certificate / PDF)

COSMOS is the most demanding quality standard for organic and natural cosmetics in Europe.

COSMOS Standard is a non-profit association, which was established in 2011 by the leading European certification organizations.The founders of COSMOS-Standard became BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio and Ecocert (France), Soil Association (England) and ICEA (Italy). This association developed the international standard of natural and organic cosmetics - COSMOS-Standard, which combines European certification schemes into one. Evaluation criteria for certification exceed EU legislation norms in cosmetics industry and apply to raw materials, production process and the final product.

In addition to the basic principles, COSMOS certification pay attention not only on the way the product was derived (organically, sustainably), but also on intermediate stages of its preparation and on its decomposition in nature.

Along with the careful selection of the raw materials used, utilization of environmentally friendly production processes, consideration of the bio-degradability of the raw materials, the economical use of recyclable packaging materials also play an important role for the successful certification.

SATIVA received the COSMOS certification from the most rigorous and picky appraiser - the German certification organization - BDIH (Bund deutscher Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen) - the German association of industrial enterprises and trading companies producing pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic goods. This organization was the first in the world to develop environmental standards for cosmetics.

We deliberately have chosen to participate in a highly complicated certification process, because SATIVA means the best! This environmental certificate confirms that SATIVA cosmetics:

  • are made from vegetable raw materials,
  • are not tested on animals,
  • do not use:
    • organic and synthetic dyes,
    • synthetic flavors, - ethoxylated substances,
    • silicones,
    • paraffin, mineral oils and other petroleum products,
    • genetically modified components.

ICADA (download certificate / PDF)

ICADA is an international association of preparative cosmetics, cosmetic devices and dietary supplements. It focuses on the physiology of cosmetics in relation to human skin.

Only brands of professional cosmetics, which are evaluated according to strict criteria of the expert community of biochemists, cosmetology chemists, dermatologists, toxicologists and other experts headed by Dr. Reinold Brunke, the founder of the world's first organic and natural cosmetics standard BDIH, are able to get the organic certificate from ICADA.

ICADA's interests include:

  • Cosmetics functionality: cosmetics should not only have an external physical effect, but have a physiological effect on the skin from the inside.
  • Standards and requirements for devices, dermatological and physiological cosmetics.
  • Popularization and promotion of prebiotic cosmetics and skin microbiome protection.
  • Innovation monitoring in the development of natural cosmetics.
  • Evaluation of raw materials for natural cosmetics.
  • Studying the effect of microplastic and nanomaterials in cosmetics on the human body.
  • Encouraging the use of ecological packaging and reducing its quantity.
  • Promoting eco-friendly production.