The modern cosmetics industry is an intricate convergence of influencers. Cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, marketers who specialize in cosmetics, manufacturers of cosmetics, and many others use their expertise to drive the market. In this confusing maze the voice of the most important participant that interacts with cosmetics - HUMAN SKIN is lost.

The environmental pressure on a human health is very high. It is no justifiable to incorporate artificial additives into cosmetics for heightening this burden. These substances - mineral oils, butylene-propylene and other glycols, flavors and other compounds - are extremely lucrative for the production of cosmetics. But these products came into existence only in the last century. Our bodies are unfamiliar with these products and are unequipped to process them.

We believe that the components of cosmetics MUST BE FULLY BIOAVAILABLE for the body. It is possible using only natural, organic and biotechnological components. Since we make cosmetics for sensitive skin, we have tried to remove all components that can increase skin irritation. It is clear that completely hypoallergenic cosmetics is a myth, but it is possible to remove components of animal origin, bee products, essential oils and plant allergens from the recipes. And we did just that.

But only being ECO-FRIENDLY is not enough for cosmetics. We need PHYSIOLOGICAL COSMETICS, which takes into account our skin's needs, its biological structures, and the interests of its symbiotic microflora. In the modern world, we need cosmetics made in consideration of a dynamically changing skin's system. So long as it varies depending on season, air temperature, the state of the hormonal and nervous system. So long as it is inhabited by millions of vitally important bacteria and this microbiom is so vital to our health that it is sometimes referred to as our "forgotten organ".

We create cosmetics for delicate, sensitive skin, taking into account the most cutting-edge research in biochemistry, dermatology and pharmacology. Biologists and biochemists who understand the physiology of the skin, its complex multi-dimensional web of mutual influences and parallel reactions, develop compositions that are applied to the skin and processed by the skin. We know how our cosmetics work with your skin and how your skin works with our cosmetics.

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