We do not like to make money with hype.
We did not produce strange ineffective pseudo-antiseptics for hands. We do not say that our cosmetics will protect against the virus. We do not like ignorance.
We know and understand that the microflora of the skin is very important. And we understand how gloves and antiseptics damage the skin.
We also know how many pitfalls are emerging in donating to our government state institutions.
We are a small company and cannot do much. But we have two exceptional hand creams that really rescue hands in a deplorable state. And we are ready to sale these creams at cost price.


Price for health care workers: 15 BYN

 Hand Repair Cream No.11

It's a rich cream balm to regenerate the skin after prolonged wearing of impermeable gloves and working with cleansers and disinfectants.This nourishing balm for hands and nails has been developed for the quick restoration of dry and problem-prone skin. Plant-based vitamin A and betaine nourish and moisturize the skin and repair minor skin cracks.

Hand Care Cream No.14

A silky and fast absorbing cream with a carefully selected oils and plant extracts for effective skin regeneration. It gently repairs minor cracks, scratches and prevents scaly skin. Revitalizes and smoothes your hands. This cream is suitable for use under gloves and in case of frequent handwashing.


Price for health care workers: 12.6 BYN

 We do not like bureaucracy. We will take your word for it. Just come to any of our stores, say that you are  health care workers, etc. and you will get these creams for half the price.If you do not live in Minsk, then you can order these creams on the  Sativa website using the links listed below. We have only one request: Just write in the comments of the order where you work. As a matter of interest.

Какие же вы крутые! Спасибо!