Сoncept of the production process

1. Scientific approach

We create cosmetics with the latest scientific views on the structure, physiology and biochemistry of the skin. We understand the complexity of the interactions between all its systems, structures, tissues, and cells. Our products address the specific skin concerns, have target influence on the functional capacity of the skin. That is why we define ours skincare products as dermatological corneotherapy cosmetics, which treat problem and sensitive skin, stimulates and restores metabolic processes in the skin, and prolongs the youth of the skin.

2. Cosmetics-biomimetic

We don't make just an ordinary cream. For gentle and effective penetration of cosmetics into the deep layers of the skin, all of our emulsion products are based on lamellar emulsions. They imitate the structure of the protective lipid barrier of the skin and quickly and smoothly deliver the active ingredients of the product inside without to disturb. We use ingredients that are in complete affinity with our skin, that's why they are so compatible and easily assimilated by our body . Thanks to a synergetic combination of plant oils and extracts the skin to spend a minimum of effort on the "digestion" of active ingredients. The body does not need to spend time and energy on cosmetics's synthesis, and only needs to transform and integrate it the right place.

3. Metabolizable formulations

Everything that is part of our cosmetics should be embedded in the biochemical chains of the skin or processed by our skin microflora. We include only necessary ingredients in our products, no ingredients for marketing goals. We determine what, how and when will occur in the skin with each component of cosmetics, and predict what results it will produce. We know for a fact, that the number of free radicals in the skin increases when it tries to remove alien ingredients like xenobiotics. Therefore, we carefully select all of the ingredients for our products, which must be fully metabolized by the skin.

4. Prebiotic Cosmetics

The microflora of the skin is an important part of human immunity. Everything that suppresses or kills it makes us weaker. Therefore, we refused harsh conservation and began to use self-preserving systems. To maintain a harmonious composition of the microbiome, we carefully maintain the acidity of cosmetics in the pH range 5-5.5. It helps develop the "good bacteria and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria. We do not just add prebiotics to the composition of our cosmetics. Instead we formulate the compositions in such a way that all creams themselves become the regulating nutrient mediums for our skin microflora.

5. Eco-friendly cosmetics

We really want our wonderful planet to be comfortable home for all of us. So that the people learn to live in peace with each other and with the plant and animal world around them. Therefore, we use only biodegradable components in cosmetics that completely disintegrate in the environment and do not harm the planet's ecological system. We use only recyclable packaging. Even labels on our containers are produced from the same plastic as the containers.

Our products are NEVER tested on animals! There are rewarding alternative methods that allow us to take care of our health and beauty needs without causing pain or discomfort to our furry friends.

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