Kosmetsevtika is a family-owned company, based in Belarus. In 2014 a high-quality skin care products with a brand name SÁTIVA entered the market. The founders of the company Svetlana Mikhayluk and Victor Gaponenko, presented to customers quite a new concept of skin care formulation - functional physiological cosmetics. The innovative and individually-tailored skincare is based on the dermatological know-how of microbiologist, biochemist and corneotherapist Svetlana Mikhayluk.

The history of this business is trivial enough: it traces back to an upsetting experience in a cosmetic domain that caused severe allergic reaction to chemical components of conventional cosmetic products. Svetlana`s skin became hypersensitive, causing rosacea. Any skin care or makeup products provoked adverse reaction. Svetlana Mikhayluk began investigating the triggers. She was outraged to learn that the majority of conventional skin care products contained toxic synthetic and even carcinogenic ingredients. One day she asked herself: "Could I formulate a face cream myself?" The decision to create active, organic and non-toxic skincare products was born.

It took several years to bring the formulation of the first creams to perfection. The goal of composition was to unlock the full potential of each ingredient in order to help restore healthy skin and a beautiful complexion. With this in mind the special laboratory was fitted with unique equipment that was designed to respond to the needs of a new generation of beauty products: formulas that combine a higher level of performance and greater safety.

Victor Gaponenko, a successful business analyst, graduated in Cibernetics and in Economic, invested all his knowledge and experience in business and finance to support the innovative ideas of his wife Svetlana Mikhayluk, to build a team of like-minded people and to develop own brand.

Why Sativa as a brand name?

"Sativa", "sativus", and "sativum" are Latin botanical adjectives meaning "cultivated", used to designate certain seed-grown domestic crop. This classification convention we still use today was invented by a Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, who is known as the father of modern taxonomy, the science of classifying organisms. Sativa simply means 'sown' . In cultivation a term "Sativa" is commonly used to describe a plant's morphology, or physical characteristics. Sativa family includes such valuable plants as rice - Oryza sativa, oats - Avena sativa, black caraway - Nigella sativa, lettuce, and others.

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