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SÁTIVA – is a family company which entered the market at the 2014. The founders of the brand Svetlana Mikhayluk and Victor Gaponenko, represented quite an unusual product - physiological cosmetics. 

The history of the business
is classic enough:
it traces back
to trivial allergy.

Svetlana, a licensed biochemist, has been working in a cosmetic field for quite a time. There Svetlana acquired both invaluable experience in a cosmetic field and severe allergies to chemical components of cosmetic products.

Then there were lots of tries to manage a non-allergic way of life. 

There were problems with cosmetics. 

No brand of cosmetics was suitable.

One day Svetlana got fed up with all that and said: “Am I not capable of making cream?!” 

Several more years were spent on putting the finishing touches to the recipes and their certification, ordering unique equipment and lab managing.

This is the way SATIVA came around in 2014



The modern cosmetics industry is an intricate convergence of influencers. Cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, marketers who specialize in cosmetics, manufacturers of cosmetics, and many others use their expertise to drive the market. We, at SATIVA, felt there was a missing piece to this puzzle, a focus on the skin itself. 

Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body. Composing 15% of the total adult body weight, it is the largest and one of the most complex organs. The skin acts as a barrier, it protects and nourishes the body. The skin reflects the health of the body and demands the highest quality pure and organic products to maintain its balalnce, glow, and vitality.


The skin’s physiology is a complex multidimensional web of interior and exterior influences and physical reactions. Biologists and biochemists well versed in the physiology of the skin should be the experts driving the development of products and cosmetics.  That is why the formulas for the SATIVA line are being developed by such experts.



The era of physiological cosmetics and cosmetology will be the catalyst
for huge changes in the cosmetic industry and SATIVA is prepared to lead this shift.


We know how our cosmetics 
work with your skin
how your skin
works with our cosmetics



Physiological cosmetics SATIVA is

1. Scientific Approach


We create cosmetics using the most cutting-edge research
on the structure, physiology, and biochemistry of the skin.
We understand the complexity of the interactions between
all of its systems, structures, tissues, and cells.
We know how to influence the processes taking place inside the skin.
That's why we are developing corneotherapeutic
(the principles of corneotherapy adheres to the belief
that the most effective way of ensuring a balanced, healthy skin
is to nourish the sub-layers of the skin) cosmetics which:

• Restore problematic and sensitive skin
• Stimulate and restore metabolism in the skin
• Prolong the youthfulness of the skin

2. Biomimetic Cosmetics

We create incomparable products. SATIVA’s skin care products
are created with lamellar emulsions for gentle and
effective penetration of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin.
They duplicate the structure of the protective lipid barrier
of the skin without violating it, and at the same time quickly
and smoothly conduct the active ingredients of our cosmetics
deep inside the skin’s surface.

We use ingredients that mimic the skin’s own elements
and carefully calculate their ratio so that the skin absorbs or
“digests” the cosmetics quickly and efficiently.

3. Metabolized Components


All the ingredients of our cosmetics are built into the
biochemical chains and processed by the microflora of the skin.
We formulate our products with carefully chosen ingredients
targeted to the precise needs of the skin. 
We understand how the skin will react to each component
of our product and target every need of the skin
with the perfect remedy.

Exposure to UV-rays, ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants,
industrial chemicals, and even essential metabolic functions
of our bodies create free radicals which age and damage our skin. 
SATIVA addresses this damage with our organic and
easily metabolized formulations.

4. Prebiotic Cosmetics

The microflora of our skin is an important part of the
skin’s immunity. We refuse to use harsh preservatives
in our products as they are known to disrupt the delicate balance
of our skin’s microflora and use self-preserving systems instead.
To maintain a harmonious microbiome composition,
we carefully maintain the acidity of the cosmetics in
the pH range of 5-5.5. This helps to develop the "good" bacteria
and inhibit the growth of pathogenic ones.

We do not just add prebiotics to the cosmetics,
we calculate our formulas in such a way that all the creams
become a medium for regulating the nutrients that are crucial
to preserving the skin’s microflora.

5. Eco-friendly Cosmetics


The health and preservation of our beautiful plant is
a priority for SATIVA.  It is our hope that people will learn
to live in peace with themselves and their environment.
Therefore, we use only sustainable components in our cosmetic line
that completely and safely degrade, and do not harm the ecology
of our precious planet. Every part of our packaging
is completely recyclable, including our labels. 

Our products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.
We use alternative, humane testing techniques to ensure
that our products are safe for your skin without causing pain
in the name of beauty.






1. SATIVA became the company to follow
in the natural segment of the cosmetics industry.
Despite the fact that we are a small
family owned company, our developments are
closely watched by the major players in the market.
We are pioneers in the cosmetic industry and
are proving that the highest quality of products
and formulations can be developed in
the Eastern European region.  

2. SATIVA is a recognized expert in
"green cosmetology". We produce educational and content
about renewable, sustainable manufacturing in the field
of cosmetics. This content includes articles, webinars,
TV conferences, open public lectures, etc.

3. SATIVA products are currently sold in more
than 15 countries. We are pleased to work with companies
who are experts in promotion of natural cosmetics
on the market and who maintain eco-friendly and
sustainable business practices.

4. SATIVA is always looking to expand
its distribution network in Europe.
We are looking for new partners to promote our line.


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Private Enterprise Kosmetsevtika
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